Projector Screens


Electric Screens

Alltec Screens Electric Motorized Projector Screens

The Alltec Screens Electric (Motorized) Projector Screen is the perfect choice for today's High Definition Home Theater Systems, Conference Rooms and Classrooms. Ideal for... Read More

Manual Screens

Alltec Screens Manual Pull Down Projector Screen

The Alltec Screens Manual pull down wall or ceiling mounted projection screen is perfect for Classrooms, Conference Rooms and inexpensive DIY Home Theater applications. The... Read More

Tripod Screens

Alltec Screens Tripod Portable Projector Screen

The Alltec Screens Tripod Series is the ideal portable budget solution for mobile presentations! Perfect for classrooms, training rooms, trade shows and even limited outdoor... Read More

Fixed Frame Screens

Alltec Screens Fixed Frame Projector Screen

The Alltec Screens Fixed Frame Screen is one the best choices for Home Theater, thanks to its high performance matte white fabric and it's outstanding optical performance.... Read More

Floor Rising

Alltec Screens Floor Rising Projector Screen

The Alltec Screens Floor Rising portable projection screen is the perfect companion for business presentations, trade shows, hospitality, a simple home theater or any... Read More

Folding Frame

Alltec Screens Folding Frame Projector Screen

The Alltec Screens Folding Frame portable projection screen is specifically designed for large venue events, delivering larger-than-life presentations anytime and anywhere!... Read More

Tabletop Screens

Alltec Screens Tabletop Projector Screen

The Tabletop projector screen is the smallest, most compact projector screen! Perfect for on-the-go presentations, small conference rooms or even video gaming. The Tabletop... Read More

Inflatable Outdoor Screens

Alltec Screens Inflatable Outdoor Projector Screens

Bring the big screen experience home today! The new Alltec Screens Inflatable Outdoor Projector Screen transforms your backyard, local park or campus into an instant outdoor... Read More