Alltec Projector Screen Buying Guide

How to Select the Right Alltec Screen

Below you will find the basics for making an informed screen purchase. To make it easier, we’ve put together a guide to projector screens, surface fabric and available aspect ratios.

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The Different Alltec Projector Screens

Pick the right type of Projector Screen that best suits your particular needs or application. For example, a quick and easy way to narrow your search is by choosing the mounting option that best fits your needs. Are you looking for a wall or ceiling mounted projector screen or a more portable projector screen solution? Another simple way to narrow your choices, is by the type of functionality you’d like your screen to have. You can choose from motorized operation Electric projector screens, Manual pull-down projector screens, Fixed Frame projector screens, Floor Rising pull-up projector screens, Tripod portable projector screens, Tabletop ultra-portable projector screens, and Folding Frame Projector screens.

Generally, if you would like a permanent installation, then Electric, Fixed or Manual wall and ceiling mounted screens are your best choice. If you find that your needs require a more portable solution, then we recommend a Tripod, Floor Rising, Tabletop or Folding Frame projector screen as an alternative. Below are brief descriptions of each screen type:

Alltec Electric Projector Screens

Alltec Electric Projector Screens can be wall or ceiling mounted, using a floating bracket system that slides along the length of the screen casing. The Electric projector screens are operated by a high powered tubular electric motor that raises and lowers the screen via remote control or wall switch. A simple plug and play operation, via 3-prong power connection adds to the ease of use, along with dual high quality IR Remote Controls.

The Alltec Electric Projector Screen features a high quality tubular motor for extended product life and energy efficiency, allowing for quick reliable operation. A welcome upgrade in comparison to many similar electric screens, which feature smaller and slower synchronous motors. The Alltec Electric Projector Screen is available in an elegant black or white powder coated aluminum housing, which creates an attractive appearance that matches any decor. The ideal choice for today’s High Definition Home Theater Systems, Conference Rooms and Technology Integrated Classrooms.

Alltec Manual Projector Screens

The Alltec Manual Projector Screen is a great alternative to an electric projection screen. At a fraction of the cost of an electric screen, the Alltec Manual is also easier to install with the power requirements of an electric screen. The Alltec manual screen operates just like a standard window shade, revealed by simply pulling the handle down and retracting with the same ease. The screen is height adjustable, using a stop-start feature, that allows the user to lower it to any desired height to accommodate different projection sources and formats.

The Alltec Manual screen is constructed with a durable octagonal Aluminum casing and spring roller mechanism, for a reliably smooth rolling and retracting of the projection screen fabric. This affordable manual projector screen also features a durable flame retardant and mildew resistant Matte White screen material with superior reflectivity. Wall mounting brackets are available to purchase separately, if additional space is required from the wall or ceiling surface. In additional to the typcial handle, a pull cord is included to make reaching for higher installations a little easier. Simple and reliable, this screen offers a rugged and efficient projection solution for daily use, at a very affordable price.

Alltec Fixed Frame Projector Screens

Alltec Fixed Frame Projector Screens are among the most popular projector screens, especially for dedicated Home Theater Rooms, Businesses and Auditoriums. Fixed Frame Projector screens generally require more assembly than other screens, however they are more easily wall-mounted, requiring less installation and no electrical connectivity. Fixed Frame screens are installed similarly to picture frames, simply hanging off brackets on your wall – easily moved or uninstalled, if necessary.

Designed to re-create the ultimate cinematic experience in any setting, the Alltec Screens Fixed Frame features a black faux-velvet trim over an anodized aluminum frame to absorb any stray projector light. The snap tensioned surface provides a perfectly flat surface to optimize the resolution and image quality of your HD and next-generation 4k capable projectors.

Alltec Tripod Projector Screens

Alltec Tripod Projector Screens are the ideal budget solution for mobile presentations and various other portable applications. Perfect for classrooms, training rooms, and even trade shows. Rugged and easily setup in minutes, the tripod is a very versatile solution for any of your projection needs. Simply retract the screen into the casing, lower the upper adjustable shaft, fold up the tripod legs/base, and pivot the screen casing to create a single unit that’s easily transported via the carrying handle.

Featuring a heavy-duty, yet lightweight white or black powder coated steel casing with an ergonomic carry handle, for ease of transportation. The Alltec Screens Tripod also utilizes a durable flame retardant and mildew resistant screen material, that can be cleaned with mild soap and water. The Alltec Tripod projector screen comes with a built-in keystone eliminator in the upper shaft, which allows the screen to tilt forward in multiple increments, in order to compensate for angled tabletop projection setups.

Alltec Floor Rising Projector Screens

The Alltec Floor Rising Projection Screen is the perfect companion for business presentations, trade shows, hospitality, a simple home theater or any portable application! Easily transportable and free-standing, the lightweight screen uses a manual telescoping pull up mechanism that lifts the screen from the casing. Once finished projecting, the screen retracts just as easily. The Alltec Floor Rising projector screen also features a built-in keystone eliminator, which allows the screen to tilt forward in multiple increments, in order to compensate for angled tabletop projection setups.

The Alltec Screens Floor Rising screen features a durable flame retardant and mildew resistant screen material with superior reflectivity and a matte white surface, rolled into a rugged and lightweight aluminum case. The sleek black aluminum case features an ergonomic carrying handle and folding feet to add stability to the projector screen when it’s open. A height adjustable bottom black border is also added to raise the screen further from the ground, to normal viewing height.

Alltec Tabletop Projector Screens

Alltec Tabletop Projector Screens are the ultimate small and portable projection solution for on-the-go presentations. Perfect for use with micro or PICO projectors, tabletop screens are the lightest and most portable screens available. Designed for ultra-easy transport and storage, this screen sets up in seconds with the built-in pull up mechanism. Simply extend the screen to start using it and collapse it back in to its case when you’re done. The Tabletop screen is small enough to easily fit a media console or conference table for a quick mobile presentation.

The Tabletop projector screen features our aluminum case that is both strong and lightweight, weighing less than 9 pounds! The integrated handle and fold-out feet are constructed of strong durable plastic that are designed to handle the wear and tear of regular travel.

Alltec Folding Frame Projector Screens

The Alltec Screens Folding Frame Projector Screen is quick to set up and take down, assembling in just a few minutes minutes without any tools(depending on the size). The Alltec Folding Frame utilizes a heavy-duty Aluminum frame design with folding hinges that latch together like an erector set and the fabric snaps onto the frame. The entire screen (frame and fabric) is neatly stored in a durable, wheeled carry case that can be easily transported in most vehicles or by plane.

The Alltec Folding Frame projector screen utilizes a heavy-duty Aluminum frame design with folding hinges and easy locking joints. Simple push buttons allow for easy height adjustment of the entire screen surface for larger applications, where additional height is needed. The image quality of the matte white fabric is nothing short of amazing and the black backing effectively filters light from behind. This style of screen is perfect when you need a large screen yet need portability.

The Different Projector Screens Fabric

Selecting the right projector screen fabric can seem very complicated, however the better you understand the purpose of a screen fabric, the easier it will be to decide what’s right for you. Different screen fabrics are designed to handle different applications depending on the resolution of the media being used, the lighting conditions, the viewing angle of the audience and the sound distribution within the environment.

The most important place to start when selecting a screen fabric, are with the Gain and Viewing Angle of the fabric. There is a lot to know about each and how they affect each other (as gain increases viewing angle usually decreases). Having a basic understanding of these features prior to making your choice of a projector screen fabric, is the only way to ensure that you will make the most out of your equipment within the constraints of your environment.

Understanding Gain

Gain, is a measurement of a screen fabrics light reflectivity from the projection device, when the measurement is taken for light targeted and reflected perpendicular to the screen. A typical screen Gain of 1.0, means that all the light being directed at the screen is being reflecting back with the same brightness. Gain is however, directly affected by ambient light in the environment of the projected image. The brighter it is in a room(whether natural light from windows, or artificial light from bulbs), the greater the light being reflected will dissipate and wash out the image. Conversely, the less ambient light, the truer the image brightness will remain.

Gain greater than 1.0 – Means that the projection screen fabric is increasing the brightness of the projected image back to the audience.

Application – Higher Gain screen fabrics are typically used in environments with higher ambient light, where the light cannot be adequately dimmed or controlled. For example: large auditoriums, convention centers or office building with windows. They are also used when a projector is not powerful enough to create the adequate amount of brightness for the environment.

Pros and Cons? – Since an images brightness is a very subjective opinion, increased brightness may or may not be positive or negative. That all depends on the personal preferences of each individual. Too much brightness, however does eventually lead to the negative effect of “hot spotting”. Projector screen fabrics with higher Gain exhibit mirror-like properties, namely a bright “hot spot” in the screen an enlarged (and greatly blurred) reflection of the projector’s lens.

Viewing Angle

Viewing angle is a measurement of the distance from the center of the screen at which you can still see the same quality image as from the viewing axis. For example, some projection screens reflect more light perpendicular to the screen and less light to the sides, making the screen appear much darker (and sometimes colors distorted) if the viewer is not in the “sweet spot” or in the optimal viewing angle of the screen.

The difference between a narrow viewing and versus a wider viewing angle.

Alltec Screens Gain and Viewing Angle – At Alltec Screens, we strive to provide our customers with the most flexible and convenient solution for their needs! Which is why we construct all our screens using a Matte White fabric with a 1.0 – 1.1 Gain, with a wide 110° – 120° Viewing Angle. A 1.0 gain screen diffuses light evenly in all directions, so seating can be placed in a wide viewing angle relative to the screen and all seats will afford a similar viewing experience regardless of the angle of view. The ideal solution for almost all types of applications.

Projector Screen Sizes

Alltec Screens are sized in a few different standard formats: Square, Video format and HDTV are some of the most popular.

Square 1:1

Square format projector screens have a width to height ratio that is generally 1:1. Square screens are usually used natively for data presentations and overhead projectors, but the screen can be adjusted to fit Video 4:3 and HDTV 16:9

Video 4:3

Video format projector screens have a width to height ratio of 4:3.The 4:3 ratio for standard television has been in use since television’s origins and many computer monitors use the same aspect ratio. Video Format screens are the best option if you’ll be switching equally between full-screen and widescreen viewing.

HDTV 16:9

HDTV format projector screens have a width to height ratio of 16:9. HDTV screens the optimal format for home theater, offering the best matched fit for widescreen viewing and is the international standard format of HDTV. Wider options include Letterbox and Widescreen; not all but a few of our screens are available in these sizes.

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